What To Expect

The entire team at Louisville Family ENT looks forward to serving you and your family. We hope the following information will prove helpful.

Our Patient Services team will check you in and obtain appropriate paperwork for the visit. Patient forms can be downloaded from this website, printed, and completed to facilitate the check-in process. Any co-payment due will be collected at this time so you should have a method of payment: cash, personal check, and credit card are all accepted.

You may be asked about any xrays, scans, or laboratory tests pertinent to your ears, nose, and throat problem. You should bring any of these in your possession to the office visit, even if you are uncertain as to their importance. If you need our assistance in obtaining these items, please call the office as early as possible before the appointment.

Once in the examination room, our board certified physician will take a careful oral history and review your medical record including your current medications–be prepared to provide a complete list of your medications including dietary supplements.

Our physician will then perform a complete ear, nose, and throat examination which may include passage of a small endoscope into the nasal passageway for careful observation of the nose and throat including the voice apparatus. A microscope might also be used to view the structures of the ear. Our doctors use this equipment to more accurately diagnose your condition. These procedures are brief, well tolerated, and require no special preparation before the visit. The necessity of these diagnostic procedures is dependent on the particular ear, nose and throat condition for which you are being evaluated. Our physicians will explain carefully the details of these procedures if they are necessary.

Our physicians are highly trained and experienced at caring for children and infants. The techniques for examining our pediatric patients are perfectly suited to the age and emotional development of each child. Parents do not have to worry that a painful or frightening procedure will be recommended at the initial office visit. We do not give injections or draw blood.

Once the examination is complete, our physician will review any additional diagnostic information and then explain the probable diagnosis and available treatment options. In some cases, should the exact diagnosis remain unknown, our physicians will explain the appropriate additional steps necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis. This might include the scheduling of additional tests and a follow-up visit to review results and formulate a treatment plan.

If your treatment plan includes a surgical procedure, our surgical scheduler will help make that arrangement for you with the appropriate hospital facility.

At checkout, our Patent Services team will file the charges for your visit with your insurance. Any charges not covered or applied to a deductible will be due in full and again we accept all forms of payment. We look forward to serving you.

Please contact our office with any questions regarding your upcoming visit.